University Service


Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Research Co-Chair, Newspaper and Online News Division — 2015-present


University Faculty Senate, Elected Representative — 2015-present

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Signature Research Initiative in Computational Communication, Journalism Research Lead — 2014-present

ISU Office of the Vice President for Research, Faculty Leadership Steering Committee on Data-Driven Science, Appointed Member – 2014-present

University High Performance Computing Advisory Committee, Appointed Member — 2015-present

Greenlee School Long Range Vision, Committee Member — 2014-present

Greenlee School Director’s Advisory Board, Appointed Member — 2015-present

Research Fridays, Chair — 2014-present


Jan Lauren Boyles

Administering the KTA (Journalism Honorary) oath to undergraduate journalism students at West Virginia University.

2020 Institutional Strategic Planning Council, Appointed Member — 2010-2011

University Faculty Senate, Elected Representative — 2008-2011

University Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Elected Member — 2009-2010

University Faculty Senate Student Instruction Committee, Chair — 2008-2010

University Faculty Senate Committee on Committees, Chair — 2009-2010

University Faculty Senate, Committee on Committees, Chair-Elect — 2008-2009

Executive MBA Panel Investigation – Senior Support — 2008

Office of the Provost Academic Blueprint Committee, Appointed Member — 2011

Office of the Associate Provost for International Academic Affairs – International Planning Committee, Appointed Member — 2010-2011

Office of the Registrar Advisory Council, Appointed Member — 2009-2010

University Parking and Transportation Committee, Appointed Member — 2009-2010