Jan Lauren BoylesFor a list of recent appearances, here’s a link to my current CV.

Cardiff, Wales: BOYLES, Jan Lauren (2015). “Future of Journalism Conference,” “Letting the Data Speak: Role Perceptions of Data Journalists in Fostering Democratic Conversation”

Oxford, UK: BOYLES, Jan Lauren (2015). Oxford University, “Taming the Information Flood: The Construction of Digital News in the Built Environment”

San Juan, Puerto Rico: BOYLES, Jan Lauren (2015). International Communication Association Conference, “Innovating from the Inside Out: Restructuring the Digital Newsroom through News Intrapreneurship”

Zurich, Switzerland: BOYLES, Jan Lauren (2015). International Communication Association/International Association for Media Communication Research/European Communication Research Association Joint Journalism Studies Division Conference, “Computational Visibility: How Algorithms are Reshaping News Knowledge Production in the Digital Age.”

Phoenix, Arizona: BOYLES, Jan Lauren (2014). Google/Knight Foundation Newsgeist Conference, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Newsroom Algorithms.”

Montreal, Canada: BOYLES, Jan Lauren (2014). AEJMC invited panelist, “Why All Your Students Need to Learn to Be Programmers.”

Mountain View, California: BOYLES, Jan Lauren (2013). Google TechRaking conference, “The Data-Driven Newsroom.”

Cambridge, Massachusetts: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2013). Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Reading the Fine Print: How Institutional Terms of Service Restrict Knowledge-Centered Newswork” for Media in Transition 8.

Oxford, England: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2012). University of Oxford – Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, “Navigating the Emergent Ethics of Collaboration, Crowdsourcing and Citizen Media: How Knowledge-Centered Newswork Transforms the Ethics of Journalistic Production” for Journalism Ethics: Individual, Institutional or Cultural?”

Phoenix, Arizona: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2012). International Communication Association, “Journalism, Freedom of Speech and Copyright in the Digital Age”

Tucson, Arizona: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2012). International Communication Association – Political Communication Division; “Untangling the Political Web: The Role of Citizen Journalism in American Presidential Campaigning” at University of Arizona.

Washington, DC: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2011). Public Media Corps Boot Camp, “Fair Use 101,” Howard University.

Paris, France: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2010). European Journalism Training Association, “Micronewspapers in America” at UNESCO HQ.

Jan Lauren BoylesWashington, DC: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2009). Journalism Education Association, Urban Outreach Academy.

Phoenix, Arizona: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2009). Journalism Education Association, “Telling Blockbuster Stories through Narrative Journalism”

Chicago, Illinois. BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2008). Midwest Political Science Association, Online Politics Panel

Athens, Ohio: BOYLES, Jan Lauren, (2006). Institute for Applied & Professional Ethics, “Rhetoric or Reflection: Do Blogs Foster Constructive Commentary?” for The Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics and the Institute for International Journalism at Ohio University.